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Warm Words – Client References

David Eades
Senior Print Producer
Leo Burnett Canada

Esprit has been handling all our translation and typesetting needs in multiple languages for many years now. We often have to produce work in as many as 20 or more languages with difficult timeline constraints. Esprit’s team is easy to work with; they are well organized, meticulous with details to ensure top quality, keep ongoing communications with our teams. They ensure a coordinated approach to produce consistent results across the various languages, and they deliver on time or even faster. All in all, they make our job easier and make us look good to our clients.

Jason Bukilica
Account Director
MJR Creative Group

Esprit has supplied us for years with high quality translations in a number of languages. Besides our regular need for Canadian French and Mexican/USA Spanish, they have also taken on other esoteric languages that are for us difficult to handle. We created a new need several years ago, asking them for the “Queen’s English” for Canada and Australia to recreate client websites and related promotions for California’s agricultural products. Besides the obvious need for metrication, grammar and spelling differences, the work can be quite creative requiring intimate knowledge of those target markets and their local industries, plus a mastery of the everyday language style.

Caileigh Dauphinais
Human Resources Specialist
Smucker Foods of Canada

I am pleased to recommend the services of Esprit International Communications which handles our human resource and training materials plus legal contracts, both English to French and French to English. We are always pleased with the quality and turnaround times. They always consult with us on any area needing clarification and pay close attention to details that ensure consistency from year to year.

Tim Carls
Senior Designer
Design Partners Incorporated

I have been working with Judith and Esprit since 1996. They provide excellent service, exceptional experience, great communication and timely turnaround on projects. Esprit is the Only Translator to use! Reliable – Professional – Simple.

Jim Stevens
National Sales Manager
Johnson Outdoors Canada

I have required translation services as a major percentage of my customers and their retail consumers are French Canadian. In the past we tried numerous translation services with some getting the correct ‘quebecois’ terminology but could never be reliable with supplying translation in a timely manner. Other companies provided on-time translations but the actual translations were too ‘Parisian’ or just inaccurate, and did not capture the true meaning we were after for our Canadian customers. Esprit has been a great find for us. Very efficient time lines and superior communications have made the logistics side of our arrangement very smooth and hassle free. Even better is the actual translated materials. I have received comments from my French Canadian representatives praising the quality of the translations we have received which for me is the best feedback I can get. The last thing I want to do is insult someone for not using correct translations. Esprit has been the answer for me!

Karrisa Hurtgen
Marketing Supervisor / Private Brands
U S Chemical

I have been working with Judith and her team at Esprit for years and have built a very strong relationship. Esprit has fast turn around at a very reasonable rate. When they don’t understand the exact context, they contact you for further clarification to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. Esprit has made it possible for us to give our customers the turnaround time that they expect as well. Thanks for all that you do for our team here at U S Chemical!

John Farrell
Senior Vice President, CIO, CCO
Pro-Financial Asset Management

Esprit International Communications has been translating our financial documents for eight years. During this time, their quality of work has been impeccable and they have always been on time despite our very demanding schedule: at times complicated by multiple last-minute changes to text and data.

Esprit takes strong initiative in their work and communicates well with all our staff and other key partners, always checking on details and providing us with excellent feedback. They maintain an extensive terminology database for both our company and also for the financial industry so their work is highly consistent from one reporting period to the next. That is a precious service for any company in the financial market.

I would recommend Esprit highly to any potential clients.

Christina Mauer
Global Regulatory System Administrator
Diversey, Inc.

Dear Judith,

It is always a pleasure to work with you and the entire Esprit team. You always deliver on time, and on budget, even crisis situations. The team has great attention to detail and does not hesitate to ask any questions before proceeding. This showcases their consistency and accuracy in everything they do. I know I can always rely on them for any translations in any language we need, no matter how big the project. It is a relief to have such a reliable vendor in this business, and would recommend Esprit to any future business partners.

Thank you!

Glenn D. Moore
Global Growth Assets Inc.

Once again we have successfully finished our annuals filing thanks to Esprit’s diligent help and expertise. I cannot thank you enough for staying with us day after day as many changes and reworks had to be made urgently in circumstances of duress.

It is indeed rare to work with a supplier of this caliber. I have always heard excellent feedback from other divisions at Global on Esprit’s reliability and high quality. Whereas other suppliers move their people around and we are suddenly faced with all new circumstances lacking an overview of our needs, we always have continuity with Esprit. Honestly, we are not always that good at advance planning, so can barely make it through the English procedure, often forgetting that the other official language needs as much attention if not more; and a number of times you have helped us immensely by pointing out discrepancies in the English copy, so we just manage to get that corrected in time.

Esprit really shines in my eyes – thank you again! You are top-notch in financial translations.

Carol Mitchell
Policy, Procedures and Communications Manager
Hertz Canada Limited

The Marketing Department at Hertz Canada has been using Esprit International Communications’ translation services since 1992. The Policy, Procedures, Communications and Training Departments of Hertz Canada and Hertz U.S.A. have been using Esprit’s services exclusively for many years, and they continue to exceed our expectations on every assignment. … What has impressed us most has been Esprit’s concern for consistency and accuracy. They developed, on their own, several specialized glossaries of commonly used terms by our industry and Hertz, and follow this faithfully. This ensures consistent translations throughout the company when other users or departments request assignments.

Anyone looking for fast, reliable and high quality translation services should consider Esprit International’s services.

Jenna Gotlinger
Human Resources Business Partner
The Hertz Corporation, USA

Judith Gauthier and the translation team at Esprit International produce the voluminous French training and legal materials for our New York and Oklahoma offices. It is difficult work even in English, but the positive feedback we get prove that the translations are of good quality and suited to the Canadian market. Yet they always keep on schedule. A great language service I recommend highly.

John R Scouten
Region Safety Manager, Western Canada
Hertz Equipment Rental

Esprit Translations are delightful to work with – friendly and attentive to our special needs and they know the Hertz operations very well. I first had Esprit rewrite some previous technical translations that were suspected to be of poor quality and indeed they were found to be sloppy and substandard; Esprit first supplied us with explanations of a number of the errors in a written summary. It would have been extremely embarrassing to our company if they had been reproduced and distributed. It was such a relief to have a company dedicated to quality assurance handle this for us. Thank you, Esprit!

Kristin Jankowski
Marketing Communications Manager
Johnson Outdoors Inc.

Johnson Outdoors produces a vast array of state-of-the-art products and accessories for camping, hiking and outdoor sports. I work in the New York office and am convinced that Esprit handles effectively our translations. Every detail is scrutinized, and their translators write our marketing materials in a style that our Quebec operations always approve. When a weather disaster demolished our offices, they were able to provide copies of documents going back several years to help us rebuild our records. We have built a solid realtionship with our Canadian friends to the North.

Wendy Hackney
Business Analyst, Web Banking
Credit Union Central of BC

Esprit has been supplying French-language translations to the Credit Union Central of Ontario and Credit Union Central of British Columbia for some 20-25 years.

In the last four years, Esprit has been particularly instrumental in developing a French version of the Credit Union Central of British Columbia’s online banking product, MemberDirect® Integrated Services. Esprit’s challenge was to translate static and dynamic content for the site. This included the translation of a large volume of out-of-context properties relating to financial services and banking transactions, with special programming characters scattered throughout the text.

The accuracy of their translation was excellent in what was a very complex task. They constantly consulted with us to check context and application, and checked and re-checked their own work to ensure a high standard of accuracy. This meant fewer bugs when we came to undertake QA of our site.

Esprit International Communications provided a very personable, yet professional and reliable service and were always very timely in their delivery of work. Any deadlines set by us were met and often exceeded. This ensured our development project stayed on track.

Gary Sczepanski
Senior Graphics Technician
JohnsonDiversey Inc.

Finding enough good words to say about Esprit is not an easy task. In the years that I have been working with Esprit they have done nothing short of a miracle when it comes to expediting our demanding work load and schedules. Thanks again for all your great efforts.

Susan Lilholt
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Global Financial Services Inc.

Esprit International Communications has supported the Global group of companies superbly with translations that required a broad variety of writing styles and levels of specialization. I knew that when we selected our communications partner they would need to have the capability to translate advertising material as well as technical compliance bulletins, prospectuses and annual reports. They would need to exhibit excellent writing skills and creative advertising talent and maintain strict standards of organization to stay in step with our aggressive, young corporation. Esprit rose to the challenge each and every time, displaying the team’s strong capacity to work in tandem with Global as we met regulatory deadlines, reflected a unique identity in the marketplace and communicated with audiences of different comprehension levels.

Any Marketing Director knows that when you are juggling hundreds of communications projects annually, having a completely reliable partner like Esprit is precious and rare. Esprit’s management has always come through for us with their superb coordination of personnel, their structured approach to collective questioning, their early requests for documentation, and their regular and proactive project status reports. Many a time have they pulled us back from the brink of disaster with their phone calls questioning or commenting on discrepancies in the English text. And their strong customer focus has carried through in their service offering. Because each organization develops its own unique corporate culture and vocabulary, Global engaged Esprit to document each of our French projects upon completion, ensuring we maintain consistent terminology from project to project and preventing a tower of Babel within our own sales force. This important communication tactic also assists us to remain compliant in our Quebec offices.

I should add that I have used Esprit’s services for many years, as I depend on their leadership in translation and customer service and consider them a “best practice” wherever my career has taken me. The fact that they have been in business for over 27 years is testimony to their linguistic expertise and strong customer focus and I am completely delighted to recommend their services to any prospective client.

Marc Paquet-Decker
Supervisor, Translation, Consumers Product Group
Sony of Canada Ltd.

Brilliant translations, excellent on technical detail, meets our deadlines – you cannot ask for more!

Janine Elliott
On-Site Project Manager, Client Services
Raining Creative/Colour Innovations Inc.

It is a pleasure for me to recommend the services of Esprit International Communications which has always supplied our company with reliable for translations often needing a very quick turnaround. The work can be very detailed and technical for sales or very creative for promotions. They always rise to the occasion.

Geoffrey S. Vertlieb
Marketing Program Manager
Tyco Safety Products, Intrusion Security

The majority of our translation work requires the translation, typesetting and review of items in the languages of French, Spanish and Chinese. Materials include, sales brochures, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, training manuals, website content and a variety of video projects/scripts.

At all times I have found Esprit to be reliable, accurate and on time. Esprit has never missed a deadline and usually delivers the materials well ahead of schedule. The team at Esprit always pays attention to our “customer audience” and verifies the content for technical accuracy, and cultural sensitivity, not an easy task with the high-tech nature of our business.

Chris Currie
Brand Manager
Hydropool Industries

I have worked closely now with the team at Esprit International Communications for the past 15 months and would highly recommend them for translation services. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and they complete projects on time and on schedule. However, what really sets them apart is their desire to truly understand their clients’ businesses. This level of intimacy is essential for accurate, appropriate and in some cases, cutting edge translation. It is a pleasure to work with Esprit and I look forward to continuing to partner with them in the future.

Diane Coleman
Marketing Coordinator, International Marketing Division
Pennzoil Products Company

Esprit has consistently provided us with high quality work and always within our time requirements. A number of our departments rely on Esprit for a wide range of translation needs: packaging and labeling, training manuals, technical manuals and product specifications, toxicological information, and sales and marketing materials. We especially appreciate their “value-added” approach to the art of translation by supplying us with explanatory notes and advice that helps us overcome problems with the foreign language version and be able to make decisions affecting the final product.

I can say quite sincerely that everyone here at Pennzoil is VERY, VERY pleased with Esprit and we recommend them highly.

Kelly Pennington
Art Director
Strata-G Communications

In the agency business tight deadlines are a way of life. My clients demand speed and accuracy. Esprit has made it possible for me to keep my clients happy, and to keep my peace of mind.

Peter Albano
Albano Marketing Group

I would love to talk about what a joy it is to work with you, but I don’t want to get too personal…

I have used the translation services of Esprit for several years and will continue, given their superior level of translation capabilities but more importantly, their attention to customer services. They go above and beyond simple translation by providing unexpected advice and recommendations to enhance or improve supplied copy. I have used Esprit to translate several languages including French, Russian and Chinese.

Ralph Beslin
Assistant Communications Manager
Credit Union Central

Once again it’s my pleasure to thank you for the consistently high quality of Esprit’s translation services. Whether it’s the promotion messages for our line of calendars, government briefs or technical financial reports, we are always confident that our message will carry the same impact in French as a result of your efforts. Having just completed production of our annual report, it is an appropriate time to mention the high level of expertise demonstrated by your financial translators.

Katita Stark
Stark Communications Inc.

Esprit has consistently produced translated materials on budget and on time, no matter how ridiculous a short lead time we have been given by the client. Their work has always met the high standards of each client, therefore making me look good before my clients. It has been a professional and pleasurable working relationship extending over twelve years.

Steven B. Harris
Assistant Product Manager
Drackett Professional

Thank you very much for your invaluable assistance in these last sales projects. Our successful launch in the Canadian market can be largely attributed to your timeliness and professionalism.

Christopher G. Trump
Vice-President and Executive Assistant to the Chairman
Spar Aerospace Limited

I should like to commend you for the excellent job you have done for us, not only in taking complicated technical material in stride, but in asking those intelligent questions – when needed, to make for a more felicitous translation. You have faithfully met deadlines and responded to emergencies in a way that makes for a satisfied customer.

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